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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  April 21, 2012 10:15am-12:00pm EDT

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research and black culture in harlem, new york city. booktv will bring you this event live online. at 6:30 eastern go to and click the watch button under the event and featured programs. you can also check our television schedule at for air times of this event. and now knony darwish takes a critical look at the revolutions in the middle east and questions whether they'll lead to an expansion of democracy as many in the west believe. this is about an hour and a half. >> okay? good afternoon to those of you here with us at the capital hill club and to the c-span booktv audience across america and around the world. welcome to the luce policy institute's afternoon with an author featuring knownny darwish who will be discussing "the
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devil we don't know: the dark side of revolution in the middle east." my name is katherine, i am the lecture director at the clare boothe luce policy institute, america's leading organization for conservative women. our mission is to prepare women for leadership and promote leading conservative women. we do this through a variety of unique student initiatives including our campus lecture program which includes top conservative women like ann coulter, michelle malkin, s.e. cupp and, of course, nonie darwish who will be speaking for the institute at fuhrman university later this week. if you are interested in learning more about how to bring a conservative woman speaker to your campus, please visit our web site at we are so honored to have a conservative women leader like nonie darwish here to the share her experience growing up as a muslim in egypt and to give us
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her unique perspective on the recent arab spring uprisings. in her new book, "the devil we don't know," nonie explores the unpleasant truths behind the individuals who initiated the cairo protest and be tells how radical groups like the muslim brotherhood have hijacked the revolution to further their own very terrifying agendas. based as the daughter of an army lieutenant general, nonie was taught at a young age the propaganda of hatred. she was forced to recite poetry, pledging jihad against israel and has spoken at length about growing up under sharia law. in 1978 after earning a ba in sociology/anthropology from the american university in cairo and working for a time with the middle east news agency, nonie left egypt for the united states. after arriving in the u.s., she became a christian, and shortly
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after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 began writing columns critical of islamic extremism. nonie started the web site arabs for us riege which she described as an organization of arabs and muslims who respect and support the state of israel and welcome a peaceful and diverse middle east while rejecting radical islamic jihad. nonie is also the director of former muslims united which stands for freedom of religion and civil rights for former muslims. without further ado, please welcome this afternoon's guest speaker, nonie darwish. [applause] >> it's a pleasure to be here. i'm always just enjoying meeting the ladies of clare boothe luce policy institute. thank you for inviting me again. we all watched the uprisings in
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the middle east with empathy and hope for the young people who, you know, put their lives in the front line in the hope of having freedom and democracy. but a year later our hopes drowned by the powerful forces that will never allow a new dawn to exist of freedom in the middle east. we should not be surprised though. since the middle east has been plagued with periodic cycles of revolutions and dictatorships, and political unrest for centuries. why should this one work and the others don't? during the uprising i was looking for a poster, any poster. i was reading all the arabic and english signs of the young people in the hope of seeing
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something new, a new idea. i was looking for separation of mosque and state. i was looking for the e removal of sharia from the egyptian institutions. i was looking for equal rights for non-muslims. equal rights for women. i wanted to see women chanting, beating wives is not a husband's legal right. but all the signs were about one thing; removing mubarak, the tyrant, the dictator. now that mubarak is gone, the ugly reality of islamic failure to produce stable and free societies should be clear to the world. problems of the muslim world are
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far more complex than taking out a dictator. to the west, when the uprisings were happening, i noticed western media was celebrating and predicted that liberty will naturally win in this conflict. but when it comes to the middle east, things are not as clear cut as in the west. liberty often means freedom to fully practice sharia or ending the peace treaty with israel, to be free to have, to move into a conflict state with israel again. or freedom to declare jihad against the west and israel openly. and to many, it means the
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beginning of the road to the islamic caliphate that never really existed. democracies don't come out of nowhere and are not the natural progress of passing of time. a lot of people think that, you know, eventually time will bring democracy. but egypt, countries like egypt and persia are five, have 5,000-year-old histories. and, unfortunately, the passage of time does not necessarily mean positive progress. it doesn't mean that they will finally discover liberty. certain factors must exist for a society to have democracy and freedom. at the state level, it needs the right legal system to protect freedom of democracy.
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at the cultural level, it needs the right morals and values that will establish the foundation for and the example for people to behave and to be appreciative of freedom and democracy. at the individual level, it needs the personal character, the belief system and trust between members of society that works in harmony with the state, the legal system and the culture. all these factors don't exist in the middle east yet. unfortunately. before i proceed i want to emphasize that i'm not here to talk about people or groups. i'm not here to offend muslims or the good and peace-loving
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muslims. i'm here to speak about an ideology and a legal system that is the official law today in over 54 countries across the world. sharia is officially the law in egypt today even after the revolution. i think we can all agree that in america no ideology, secular or religious, should be beyond questioning. the day america shies from freedom of speech is the day freedom ends to everybody. most people, including myself, don't care to criticize any religion. and people accuse me of promoting hatred of muslims. of course not. some of the nicest people i meet
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are muslims. my whole family in egypt is muslim, and they are some of the nicest people that you'll ever meet. so this accusation that i'm an islamaphobe is just a way to silence me from speaking against an ideology that doesn't respect human rights. i was born in, during the 1952 revolution in egypt. around that time. in which my father held a prominent role in the new revolutionary government. he headed the egyptian military intelligence in gaza, and the general trusted him with
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starting a movement to destroy israel. that was the objective of the revolution. the '52 revolution promised freedom, it promised democracy, it promised a new constitution, a new flag of egypt, and it even changed the name of the country from from egypt, the historical name of egypt, to the united arab republic. egypt suddenly rejected its ancient history after the revolution, its great civilization and wanted to ally itself with the arabian peninsula culture to identity of becoming arab and muslim. the name of the large square in cairo was malay ya square and the general went to the square
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and said we're going to change the name of the square to tahrir square. the arabic word it means freedom. freedom square. but the era of nasser, instead of bringing freedom and democracy as he said, it turned out to be one of the most oppressive periods in egyptian modern history. ushering in a long period of wars, socialism, confiscation of property of the businesses and the people who were actually making the country work economically. poverty, it ushered in poverty and illiteracy. from 1952 until last year, 2011, the revolution had happened. egypt had only three presidents.
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three presidents only. see how many presidents america had during that time. i lived under most of my life in egypt, i lived under oppressive dictatorships and police state of nasser. i lived in, i witnessed oppression of women. female genital mutilation. my mother's generation, 97% of the women had to undergo through this operation including my mother. polygamy and its devastating effects on family relations. honor killing. i knew a girl who was 16, was raped. and as a result of that rape, she was killed by her family because she was, she has committed sexual sins. my only outlet to escape sharia,
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life under sharia was to move to america in 1978-'79. i remember walking in the hallway of my new job in america, and i saw a sign, and as a new immigrant, i like to read everything. i wanted to get acquainted with this country quickly. the sign said "this organization doesn't discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, national origin or race." i was in awe of a sign that many americans just take for granted. i marveled at the statement which, to me, was nothing short of a miracle. i had a sigh of relief, i am now finally equal to men. because under sharia men and women are ruled by different
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laws. totally different. women are totally inferior, second-class citizens when it comes to men. i was glad i no longer lived under this cycle of political instability, repetitive cycle of revolutions, counterrevolutions, assassinations, coup d'etats. this is the way the middle east has survived for many, many centuries. many muslim leaders have come to power after forceful takeovers. if you look into the history of any country in the middle east, it's always the leaders always, they are after a revolution or a coup d'etat against the previous leader. and surprisingly, this is not illegal under islamic sharia law. that's why it's accepted. actually, it's perfectly legitimate.
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and the masses of people and the media are often jubilant and be rarely question the legit maas is i of the new -- legitimacy of the new leader. the same journalists in egypt who used to praise mubarak on a daily basis in articles in the major newspapers and on tv today are praising the revolution. they are the same people. and condemning the bad history of the evil dictator, mubarak. they are the same journalists. they are the same tv personalities. sharia helps all of this system to stay like this. there is a law, and here it is. quote, i'm quoting from islamic books here.
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the modern head of state is allowed to hold office through seizure of power, meaning through force, unquote. that is, perhaps, one of the most dangerous islamic laws that stand in the way of stable, democratic government. so how can muslim countries achieve freedom and democracy and still practice sharia? this cannot reconcile, and that is why several egyptian islamic leaders today after revolution are starting to adapt the idea of democracy and freedom. a candidate for the egyptian presidency, his name is nayim, recently said that there is little freedom under islam. who said we want freedom, he says. and he compared being a muslim to membership in the military
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where you have to obey, never criticize. he said you must obey all its dictates including the dress codes; what a muslim must wear, what a muslim must eat. everything is dictated by sharia. he was honest. he is talking, he's reading his sharia, he's reading islamic literature, and he's telling us the truth. he's not lying at least. that is precisely why islamic revolutions are doomed to fail in accomplishing stable democracies. there is a condescension in the islamic state between the political system and application of sharia law. "the new york times" recently published an article why sharia,
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and the journalist who wrote it was just trying to, you know, make fun of people like me who criticize sharia. why should you be afraid of sharia? meaning that you're an islamaphobe if you fear sharia. well, i'd like to invite "the new york times" to take a front seat and watch for themselves and for the sake of western civilization, watch this live example of how islamic revolutions will fail precisely because of sharia. which can only bring another tyrant to replace the old tyrant. they fool themselves. they think we'd be bringing in a president, now we're going to have freedom and democracy. well, it has happened before many times. in '52 that's what happened.
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in 1919, egypt was an uprising for freedom and democracy. it's a cycle that can never be accomplished because at the end of -- at the end, the forces of islam win. and that's why the media and arab religious leader are constantly finger pointing the blame for islamic society's failures on west and israel. it cannot touch self-criticism, they cannot touch looking at what their problems are. is it islam that is against the laws of sharia. and only criticize the outside world. just recently, 79 egyptians were killed and hundreds injured in a soccer match where the mob rioted and killed each other. it was a tragedy, but what do
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the egyptian politicians on tv, what did they say? instead of looking within, instead of encouraging people to have better values, instead of saying what's wrong with our system after the revolution, aren't we supposed to be more at peace and more respectful of each other? but instead an egyptian member of parliament blamed america and israel for the tragedy. and not only one person, several people said there is, you know, infiltration of american, you know, the americans who are working in some peace organizations in egypt x they arrested some of them, and they want to put them on trial, 19 americans and even more, 45
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people in general. they are not allowed to leave the country because they think they are contributing, you know, restful, restlessness in the society. what a joke. and israel, what is -- how can israel affect a riot in a soccer game? well, that has been the culture of the islamic, islamism, is never to work within, never blame ourselves. they are very sensitive to criticism. it's against the law to self-criticize islam. so the only outlet for people, only outlet for politicians, the only outlet for journalists even is to blame the outside world. it's a conspiracy. sharia controls and restricts every aspect of the political
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system and the duties of the muslim head of state. there are so a -- so a muslim head of state is not free to rule under democracy or freedom. so he has to rule by sharia. let us see how this effects the political system. what is the definition of jihad under sharia? if you open islamic books, this is the testify in addition of jihad from the most well known sharia book. it is to war against non-muslims derived from the word mujhada. unquote. it's war for the purpose of making islam win wars.
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expand. expansion. it is war. in the university there's another definition. quote: a permanent war institution against jews, christians and pagans. permanent war institution. when the word jihad is mentioned in the quran, 97% of it refers to killing, war, violence. only 3% of it does not refer to war and violence. this gets really complicated when the duty of jihad is not just imposed on muslim individuals, but when it becomes the job of the muslim head of state. the job of the muslim head of state is already defined under sharia. here it is.
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quote: the ca leaf that, muslim head of state, fights all people until they become muslim. it is a commandment of the, through the muslim head of state. this is your job. you have to fight non-muslim countries. when non-muslims are in there -- there is another law that says when non-muslims are in their own country in which case jihad is a communal obligation upon muslims each year, every year you have to do jihad. he who provides equipment to the soldier, he who jihad to the soldier, you see the word soldier? has himself performed jihad. so people who go and give money for hamas and hezbollah and muslim brother, -- brotherhood, all these people are doing jihad in their own way.
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what the west needs to understand is that jihad doctrine of invading non-muslim countries challenges the sovereignty of non-muslim countries. it is a law that forces itself not only on the people, but on the muslim head of state, on the constitution of every muslim country that he has to do jihad against nonmuslim countries. never treat them as equals. never befriend the west. is it any wonder why most muslim leaders don't want to show the friendship to the west? they don't. they're immediately called puppets of the west. and that's the worst insult you would call a muslim head of
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state. and this is repeated thoroughly. muslims scriptures. it is not one commandment. it's hundreds of commandments to the muslim heads of state. here's another one. the -- [inaudible] makes war upon jews, christians and pagans until they become muslims or else pay the non-muslim tax while being belittled. so the commandment is not just to force them to become muslim, but if they retain their religion and refuse, then they must be belittled. they must be mistreated. does that tell you how christians in egypt are living? the commandment is to belittle them and give them less rights. all other people are fought until they become muslim. when they appoint a ruler on a
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region, his duty includes if area has a border adjacent to enemy land, enemy land, permanent enemies, he will undertake jihad against any means dividing the spoils of battle among combatants and deserving recipients. unquote. what does that mean? you know, some islamists in america say, oh, but jihad means inner struggle, self-analysis. it doesn't mean war. yeah, 3% of the time when jihad is mentioned doesn't mean war, but 97 it means war. so their just hiding the 97%. and that's why i'm hated, because i'm talking about -- i'm reading from their books, that's all.
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so not only is the head of state supposed to do jihad, but also he has to preservice lam in its original -- preserve islam in its original form. never accept any novelty. jihad is another -- democracy, i'm sorry. democracy is a novelty. never accept democracy. never accept novelty. and he, if leaders who don't wish to do jihad, let's say there is an arab leader who doesn't want to do jihad, and he refuses to follow sharia. he wants to do, you know, give people freedom of speech, and he wallets to make a democrat -- he wants to make a democracy, and he wants to have good relations with the west, he will immediately under sharia be called an apostate and must be removed from office or killed.
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this is what sharia tells the muslim pick. here's the law. quote: muslims are obliged to rise up and remove a leader if he is no longer a muslim or alters a sacred law, sharia, or makes reprehensible innovations. that means that the muslim head of state has no choice but to rule by sharia law. and that's what happens to anwar sadat. a lot of people don't understand why anwar sadat died. the only thing that, oh, the muslim brotherhood just shot him. just another regular assassination. but this is an assassination for the purpose -- because he violated the essence of sharia law. when presidents that signed the peace treaty with israel, it was
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him telling the muslim world i no longer want to do jihad against israel. it was striking at the heart of islamic requirements to be a muslim head of state. and the muslim world erupted after he signed the peace treaty with israel. it erupted. all mosques unanimously issued fatwas of death against sadat, including many -- [inaudible] and you call them tyrants. sadat told his confidants before signing the treaty, i know i'm signing my death warrant. he knew. but he sacrificed his life because he, he needed peace. he wanted -- he believed his conscious. he violated his jihad duty as a
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muslim leader, and he knew it. is it any wonder that the pakistani leaders today were protecting osama bin laden for ten years, and even though america was giving them billions of dollars to hand them osama bin laden, they protected him, they tricked america and protected him for ten years. if it wasn't for some intelligence by america and a person who informed america who was very low in the ladder in pakistan, and he was arrested, by the way, by the government of pakistan. he is not in good shape now, the person who told america about osama bin laden.
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why do pakistani leaders not hand, easily hand osama bin laden? in afghanistan when 9/11 happened, why did the taliban refuse to hand osama bin laden and expel all the al-qaeda members from the country? why all these muslim leaders are doing that? because the day they hand osama bin laden is the day they would be assassinated and called apostate. it all goes back to sharia law. which defines their job. so all of them are playing a game with america. we're your friend. give us your dollar. we're going to give you osama bin laden, yeah, sure. they go home and, okay, just put him in a little castle somewhere
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and don't worry about it. the double face of the muslim head of state is so obvious, but that's why they do it. nobody knows why they're doing this. they think their all crazy -- they're all crazy? no, they're not crazy. it's islamic law that forces them to do that. now, let's examine how much, how such laws apply in real life. when president -- no, i talked about president sadat, sorry. ladies and gentlemen, it is not true that bin laden was not representing islam and sharia. bin laden was representing islam and sharia, and the day he was killed was a day of mourning across the middle east. i received me -- many e-mails from egypt by friends of mine who told me i cannot see anybody
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who's happy that we caught osama bin laden was killed. and he said to me that almost everybody is sad. it's a day of mourning. he said there was just a few people who just not interested, but no one was happy that the man who gave islam a bad name and who caused 9/11 and everybody in the muslim world was saying don't judge us by what osama bin laden did, please, don't judge us, this is just a minority of people who are not really following islam well. and these are supposedly the moderate muslims. it is almost like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, and it's up to us to figure out all this, this big knot of mess.
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and we are kidding ourselves, the west is -- they could get it very easy. it's not a mystery. and why, why peacemakers like sadat are assassinated and why the ahmadinejads of the world are rising in popularity in egypt. his popularity in egypt skyrocketed after threatening to wipe israel off the map and insulting the american president from new york in the united nations. that is because a truly muslim leader must automatically be an enemy of the west. and he figured it. and incidentally, the leaders who do that are the ones who keep their jobs. mubarak, he was pro-west.
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the tunisian president who was taken out was also pro-west, was very moderate. the same with the yemeni president. look. the hardliners and the people who are following sharia, almost impossible to take them out. so this idea that this revolution is taking out radical muslims, it's not true. they are taking out the leaders who are pro-west. and this situation is going to be very difficult for israel. i have a chapter in the book that shows how after the revolution, three days after mubarak was taken out car go by came into egypt after many years of being outside, and he held a rally in tahrir square, and everybody was chanting let's go
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to jerusalem now, oh, um, they were just itching for a fight with israel, and we want to fight israel, let us tear the peace treaty with israel. that's all what they were talking about. never mind the economic problems of egypt, never mind the oppression, never mind the unemployment, never mind all the internal problems in egypt. they are not talking about that. they're talking to start jihad all over again. the revolution was then in order to liberate them to start the jihad again. and it's, the west needs to understand this because i saw in western media everybody was so jubilant, oh, we're going to have a middle east that's
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freedom and democracy, and many people think they're still underway. in this dynamic, in this dynamic only tyrannical governments can survive in the middle east. only sharia-abiding governments can survive in the middle east. only anti-israel, anti-democracy, anti-western government can survive. and that's what, what we're facing here. sharia is dictator-friendly. and, but many arabs blame the existence of the dictatorships on the west. you hear we have all these dictators because the west helps them. the west didn't help the syrian leader. the west didn't, wasn't friendly with the libyan leader.
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ahmadinejad is not -- they're all dictators whether moderate or radical. what else can america do? they have to deal with certain countries. there are many in the west who brought this claim, who believe this claim that, oh, it's us, it's our fault that they have these dictators. if only we had encouraged the democracy and freedom. we always blame ourselves. you have western culture is a culture of self-blame, and islamic culture is a culture of blaming the outside world. and the west love to blame themselves, and the muslims love it. they love it. muslims must justify jihad. see, jihad is against international law.
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you're invading foreign countries. you're terrorizing foreign countries. so what do they do? the best exexcuse for jihad is to you have the violence, is to constantly claim victimhood. past injustice. you're supporting my tyrant. israel is an apartheid state. we are the victims of israel, we are the victim of, of the west. and that makes them justify when they make the target of jihad. oh, because we are victims. so the best policy for aggression is to present yourself as the victim. this explains why muslim educational system is extremely hard to reform.
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they cannot stop letting hate to arab children. i lived under this. i grew up wishing death to jews. may god destroy the west. i hear this from the pulpits of mosques, from the schoolteachers, from our political leaders. we always blame the outside world, never ourselves. they, if they really want to improve, you know, and become more -- they have to end hate education. this hate education that i grew up in is getting even worse. i tell you an example that just happened recently. and this is a true story. i was calling a friend in egypt, and she was telling me that her
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son, he was supposed to go to get an immunization shot. or the son of her neighbor or something like that. he was supposed to go get an immunization shot, and he cried and screamed, i can't go. i heard from another kid or the father of somebody that america is sending immunizations, poisoned immunizations to poison and infect arab children with diseases. this is at the level of children. this propaganda is at the level of children. some parents and some media and some mosques are telling their kids don't take your kid for immunization. some kids are getting sick because it's america who's sending the immunization vaccines, and all these vaccines america is sending diseases to kill us.
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and they believe it. this is a true story. israel is sending -- they say don't take viagra because israel is sending some kind of defective viagra to make muslim men impotent. they say this in the papers. and people believe it. 50% of egyptians, more than 50% are illiterate. whatever the guy tells them in the mosque, we believe it. they're limited in their own language. so whatever the mosque preacher says, they believe it. and those are the people who are voting in a lot of the muslim brotherhood. under freedom of speech, under sharia freedom of speech is highly restricted and regulated.
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there are blasphemy laws which will actually kill people, execute people if they touch the word of mohamed or islam or even criticize sharia itself. rendering a person who -- [inaudible] so criticizing the faith becomes an appositive that si. ..
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you cannot criticize the state because it is an islamic state and this is where it goes. if i am in america criticizing sharia and the islamic political system the state let me speak anyway. they asked me wherever i go. highly organized and i don't even have a second. and here i am giving thoughts because i am exposing these laws and all these laws that if you really investigate and explain a lot of the behavior, a lot of the conditions in the middle east making it what it is today. so here we are. we cannot speak against islamic
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states for sure rihanna law and it is coming to a neighborhood near you. some muslim countries have requested that any kind of criticism be an illegal act. under the free-speech of religion. i could care less about criticizing any religion. that is the religion i was born in. but if religion expands itself so much that it becomes the state in a legal system and military institution, that state has opened itself to criticism. why is the american media in assisting anyone who speaks
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against sharia -- and how can we expect muslim countries to allow more freedom of speech? how could we have democracy in the middle east when the west -- we are doing the same thing they are doing. we are telling them what you are doing is right. respect their freedom to be a dictatorship in their country but do not have their laws in your country. why is the west the birth of our government, our media allowing people like me, a former moslem, my reputation, calling me names and hate speech against a poor
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religion. i don't know how many times i can say. the same thing goes -- some muslims claim don't blink honor killings. it is happening in america. in the west. how many times do we hear about muslim father's killing daughters or wife. it is coming. it is here. when i talk about it they say she tried to link this with islam. how could she? but let us see why many men and parents get away with honor killing of their kids. there is a lot in sharia. all the ills of muslim society have a lot in sharia that perpetuates it and makes it
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survive. the law that allows honor killings, quote, the killer of an adulterer will not be punished, will not be punished. they consider a girl or a woman who has sexual misbehavior has to be killed. usually -- it is always a woman. another law that encourages honor killing is, quote, parents and grandparents will not be prosecuted for killing their offspring. it is a law. i am not saying they want to kill their offspring. take it from the sharia book and say nonie says muslims kill their children. are encouraged to kill their children. i am telling you some laws in
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sharia books that make it fair to kill their children who have committed sexual crimes. beautiful girls -- having american boys. he is in egypt. i don't think the egyptian government will even acknowledge he exists. america has to extradite him. there are 500 people that are murdered in the muslim world reported that are much more than and reported. the trend is continuing in the west. the trend is expanding and not diminishing.
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it is happening in the west and we say it is an honor killing in america. we say sharia encourages it. the west--the dreaded fat was --fatwa kill apostates like me. in the middle east. who knows? maybe a muslim wants to follow the law in america. how can i dare speak about the law and condemns me. imus the and islamophobe. it is a phobia to speak against a law that condemns former muslims. that is why i created
11:08 am i want to expose this violation of civil rights and human rights of former muslims. sharia has failed to meet with the individual not just at the state level but the individual level. sharia did not equipped people to trust one another. did not equip them to express human-rights and privacy rights. or via tells moslems to monitor everybody around them. if they are not following sharia. what kind of privacy? you cannot have privacy and sharia. area commits muslims with -- lying to non muslims is obligatory. with is an obligatory service? an obligation on every one.
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and organization comes to america, a pretty name, care, in america. its obligation is to spread islam in america. it is obliged to fly. you are obliged to la i --lie. this is surely a. i was surprised. two more obligations of slander and exaggeration. they are allowed by name. you can do slander. i tell you something very
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noticeable. slanders done constantly -- you ate some pigs and enemies of allah. is a regular thing. i have grown up on it. they say things about israel like what israel offers this helped to aid after the earthquake, there is a segment on youtube that you can watch. they were discussing how the jews went to haiti to harvest the organs of the people of haiti. and they are serious.
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this is on national tv in the arab world. slander. it is crazy. if you have a population of 50% religion even the little people, believe me, all of this is believed. they do believe it. -- area broke this up and respect -- between men and women, husband and wife when it allows men to have four wives and to beat their wives they impose gender segregation and the law says they're right for the husband to support them is nullified if they're rebellious. a woman in court has the value
11:12 am
of a man. a woman needs four witnesses to prove she was raped. divorce is only in the hands of a man. the travesty of having no age limit for girls to marry is why you see 18-year-old girls filing for divorce in yemen. i am sure many of you noticed a ville 8-year-old girl. she looks like a boy. filing for divorce in the court. why? the laws of sharia allow a girl at any age to marry and consummate the marriage at eight or nine so all men are not created equal under sharia. christians and jews and non muslims also are discriminated under the law. lot of people in america think
11:13 am
there is discrimination. blacks and hispanics and whites and whatever. there is going to be discrimination about people short, tall or whatever. it is human nature. what counts is the legal system. if the legal system protect everybody's equal rights for anybody, under the law, that is all i want. when i'm discriminated against, done to court. if an american woman is beaten, called the police, and arrested. if there was a mormon in the muslim world, i am not saying the west has no problems in the
11:14 am
muslim world. muslim men don't be their wives. i don't want to be accused of saying all muslims soon-to-be their wives. i am quoting a lot. i am generalizing and say all muslims do that. believe it or not when i used to hear all this it will be normal and homey. to insult the muslims. he is a holy man. who am i to say jews are pigs and apes and made us anti-semitic. not one person in egypt today can openly and publicly demand movement of the egyptian
11:15 am
constitution which states that share rea supersedes any other law. there is an ego system in egypt before and after the revolution, they cannot hand if anybody open their mouth to say or even hint at that, the picture is grim. what makes things worse is the caving of the west, giving and supporting the muslim brotherhood and radical islam. the west is not just accepting them but they are giving the respect and appeasement. i am not saying do something about it. let them live the way they want to live. what is worse is they are standing with them in our media. not with the people who are
11:16 am
victims of sharia law. the west has failed its own citizens, with the standards inside europe, north america the muslim brotherhood supporters the muslim brotherhood, our state department. we have given our blood lines to a tyrannical legal system that stand against everything we believe in. islam and sharia as practiced today, i am confirming as practiced today can never produce anything but a tyrannical system. that is why in my last chapter i
11:17 am
am predicting the eventual collapse of islam as we know it today, of surely as we know it today being a stage. generally it cannot last forever. my only fear is as the islamic state as we know it is now self-destruct in we are seeing how many muslim countries today are self-destructive. it might bring down western civilization. that is why i am speaking. if we are not careful the west can be one of the casualties, hurt by the collapse and last breath of the collapse of the surely estate. many in the muslim world lack an
11:18 am
understanding of what truly hinders them from developing an open democratic system. there's ignorance among the people and the protesters in egypt are slowly but surely compromising and settling. and freedom will lead an edge to the muslim world not through physical revolution. they have tried that many times. the through an internal philosophical and moral revolution. through actual reform. separation of mosque and state. making islam with it is and not a state or another legal system. today is love becomes only religion is the day we will see freedom and democracy in the middle east. it will come when muslims sins
11:19 am
of the minimum least when they realized no one should be killed. it is the law in egypt. if i go there i would be killed. human-rights are more sacred and more divine than any scriptures. they are not negotiable even in the name of god. it is not human rights in the name of religion. religion must have a litmus test of human rights. and that is why sharia is the problem standing in the way of freedom and democracy. thank you very much.
11:20 am
any questions? >> how are you? i don't practice but i am a muslim. my question is i have spent more than half of my life in washington d.c. and this is my hobby to trash u.s. foreign policy in different think tanks. no fbi ever came to my door. my question is these people are making their living out of proving american muslims are some of it from this. i have walked on the hill on both sides. democrat member of congress as well. i know these people personally and i can tell you these people would be working in devastation or 711 or selling tomatoes on the street if you don't have this victimization in this
11:21 am
country. its pakistani genders i can tell you in a pakistani army i cannot get promotion unless my wife florence with the senior and general. 90% had their bank account in america. they're good with playing golf but not good in fighting so the only way for them to get to india is promote terrorism. i guess anwar sadat was rational. he knew all muslim countries cannot defeat -- we americans have so much -- we can eliminate pakistan in 24 hours if we want to. but our sense of morality doesn't allow that but did pakistani know that?
11:22 am
the whole consumption at the highest among pakistani of each you can ask why they don't have traffic accidents like we do? 100% of them are chauffeured. the others then i wanted to clarify about this gay lifestyle, it is an institution. i 100% agree with your last chapter that muslims are going to destroy themselves. they are not going to be destroyed by the u.s. and the west is very strong because we have such a strong system that i can criticize you very harshly. this is the kind of inherited quality of civilization. it is not going to be destroyed. i have a question. my question is for i personally believe if you are gay or lesbian something is wrong with your brain but my question -- my
11:23 am
personal opinion. what the bible says about gay and lesbian and i personally don't think it has to do anything. it is agreed in muslim holy they want to have their children to study in the united states. they all won their bank account in the united states. they don't hate america. they love america. >> a love-hate relationship. >> they use their formats is because they want to maintain their life style. very elite and the only way to maintain their life style is to create hate in america. >> you have to hate and portray yourself as a victim. you got it. >> and hate in them. >> the only difference -- i have respect for freedom of religion as long as the religion doesn't
11:24 am
violate human rights of others. christianity is against homosexuality but christianity -- >> i don't know. >> christianity or judaism have a lot of states anyone who becomes gay should be killed. there is no law in christianity or judaism that says if anyone leaves the religion they should be killed. that is lie am talking about. you are free to believe whatever you want. but it is not total in tolerance to the extent of wanting to kill anyone who deviates from the commandments of sharia. >> i don't know enough about christianity. >> christianity does not condemn anyone to be killed. >> that afternoon. my name is amy jones and i'm former president of the patriot republic and women's club. i have seen you before. your excellent and god bless you
11:25 am
and protect you. two questions for you. we know that the veto as an dot has been infiltrated by muslims who want to see the west weakened. >> the -- >> the department of state, department of defense. we hear various levels of generals talking about these issues and big budgeted items to give money to the arabs spring. what can we do to communicate with leaders, state and local and national level that we oppose these efforts of appeasement and we see where this is heading and don't like the direction? >> unfortunately our government chose the consultants to be affiliated with a month from -- the muslim brotherhood and they know. so they are not stupid.
11:26 am
they chose that. i don't believe the american media or the government is unaware of what i'm talking about. i don't believe that because sins 9/11 there has been so much -- so many documentaries and information thrown on them and for some reason they thought if they stick their head in the sand and pretend there is no problem is their policy than talking about it or acknowledging there's a problem. i believe this is the wrong policy. i am not saying which attack muslims or we should be unkind to muslims. that is not what i am teaching. i am just saying you don't have to go to the other extreme of supporting organizations like the muslim brotherhood, sending
11:27 am
money to the muslim brotherhood. everyone is a america is our enemy. why should we send financial support to people who insist we are their enemy? is beyond me. we don't have to go overboard. >> one last thing. quickly. you said the islamic state has within it coexistence the seeds of its own destruction which is what mark says about capitalist culture. we have nots yet. what are the factors? if there are some inerrant things that keep the islamic state going, keep people in different and keep them from revolting in a true sense how will that occur? >> revolting against the islamic state constantly and that is the revolution and it is followed by
11:28 am
tierney. when mohammad died in the seventh century, seventy-five% converted to islam by force left islam. what happened is the minority of the people who inherited islam from the leaders discovered islamic law gave them a lot of power and, for a lot of countries and they became very rich so they went into arabia and had two wars warning their own people to come back to islam because this is the goose that laid the golden egg. islam brought wealth to arabia. a very poor culture that no great conqueror even wanted to conquer. two great civilizations in the seventh century were egypt and
11:29 am
persia and the area of turkey but arabia discovered brilliant sharia law and conquered all these nations at a low point in their history. and quickly gave them the sharia to rule by which was a very smart way to -- many leaders thought was a brilliant way to make people obey them. so islam was at that time very attractive to many leaders who wanted a solution for obedience of the masses.
11:30 am
>> i am an intern at the clare boothe policy institute. my question is actually based on happenings with barack obama the way he is handling foreign policy. do you think he has a firm and accurate grass on muslim religion? >> from his books and what he says he doesn't unfortunately. he has a lot of sympathy towards islam. a lot of closing the eyes like apologizing a lot for things that we should be apologized for. where are the muslim leaders who stand and say we apologize for 9/11. we didn't do it directly but we have brought up generations, thousands of young men ready to die for being american or do.
11:31 am
i haven't heard any apologies from the system that produced muhammed at aa. but america looks at them as -- the west has to get off of this grandiose thinking that they are so sophisticated and they should be excused because their muslim countries. as tyrannical as any other country. third world countries -- after 9/11, no. we have to have one set of rules to govern all countries. no country should have the right
11:32 am
to attack other countries and every time they attack us we get an apology from obama. it is ridiculous. it is a joke. he apologized for the burning of the koran. that is a joke because the government of saudi arabia officially burned the korans of the shiites because they hate them. the same country that burned the koran, saudi arabia, we are apologizing for some korans there are used for transmitting some information? obama is wrong. >> my name is jamie wallace. i am a graduate of the congressional intern on the hill. i want to make sure before i ask
11:33 am
this question i have the correct information. the law that you were quoting are the primary sources about what was set for from the koran and examples by the prophet mohammad. is that correct? >> the law itself, they are supported by the koran by the people who wrote the laws. e-book i am quoting from is the lion of the traveler. it is stemmed by saudi arabia set by jordan so please -- >> the practices you are talking about are not found in the koran? things you should practice as a muslim? >> these are sharia laws. it is written in a very legal sense. under the laws they have an explanation why they have. the alliance of the travel.
11:34 am
if you read all these laws the chiefs who wrote the laws in the eighth and ninth centuries, they wrote them after interpreting the koran and they get their information from things that mama that the lifestyle of muhammed and after they write the laws they justify it by quote from the koran or the life style of mohammad. it has already been interpreted. >> i wanted to make sure that before i ask this question. >> comments on your question. a lot of the apologists say you are misunderstanding of the koran. you are misinterpreting it. when the koran and the lifestyle of mohammad have already been
11:35 am
interpreted. that is why we have sharia law. area is the interpretation of the koran not by me but by the moms who wrote the sharia. >> what would someone tell a first generation muslim when she is born as a muslim and becomes more educated and finds out about these issues and asks how she can be a muslim but not have to practice those issues? >> she can't practice it because it is illegal in america. >> how they feel for america? >> they don't -- most muslims don't read sherri. i was a muslim and it is discouraged in egypt to interpret or ask questions or read the surely of. very discouraged because if anybody cares ask questions and interpret the first thing how
11:36 am
dare you comment on sharia. when i wrote my book about sharia i was totally ignorant about surely and had to study for a year and a half. i had somebody explain it to me because i didn't want to rely completely on myself. my jaw dropped. that is why we have this. that is why women are oppressed. all the ills of modern society go back to sharia. unfortunately sharia is already the interpretation of the great men of all lie in the eighth and ninth century who wrote the sharia. it is already interpreted.
11:37 am
>> thank you so much. >> my name is david bell from the leadership institute. thank you for coming today. it was very lightning. i enjoyed what you had to say. however my question is basically about you stating the middle east and north african region the islamic state -- middle east and north african region prima to imploding or predicted to implode and you stated that the u.s. would be a casualty in. >> if we are not careful. >> i wonder if you could give an explanation how the u.s. would be the casualty and in combination with that could you identify how some future officials should approach this situation? >> very good question.
11:38 am
in my last chapter which is called house of cards:how islam is imploding it is always by expanding. islam is expanding in europe now. bringing the most radical elements in europe, in america. we have a growing population, many of their leadership calling for sharia. we have to look at all of this from history. islam when it went to india. when it went to chechnya or part of russia or eastern europe, very benign at the beginning.
11:39 am
with islam became strong it had great power and became much stronger. throughout history when islam is strong jihad increases. when islam is week -- with the islamic minority, what do they do when they are minority in this country? let's say in india. when muslims were a minority they insist on having their own movement because they want sharia. they call it pakistan. after a while they are not happy with just pakistan. they want kashmir. they want more parts of india.
11:40 am
restlessness. whenever radical islam those it causes divisions in the country. it becomes like chechnya. eastern europe. kosovo. we want to have our own legal system and islamic states because the ultimate goal of being a muslim is to live under an islamic state. in europe i am very worried. we could end up having chechnya and france. we can have kosovo in england. we have chechnya and america. by chechnya what i mean, this
11:41 am
syndrome -- i'm not saying all muslims. lot of muslims are escaping sharia. i am one of them. muslims organizations controlling a good portion are already demanding sharia. they're fighting every bill in any state that wants to make for laws illegal. they are spending a lot of money now, today, not in 50 years. they are fighting me because i'm trying to alert for america about chechnya. if they congregate in one era and become very powerful from owing money to saudi arabia which is financing all of the mosques and all the university
11:42 am
departments of islamic studies, and the culture, kids are so anti-semitic and so in tolerance, every campus, every few months i am invited, come. because our system, college campuses are becoming like the west bank and gaza. they're not allowing freedom of speech of people like me. gradually, it can happen. next generation of americans, this generation of americans my age in 30 years will not be here anymore. what is happening is going to be
11:43 am
another generation of americanss brought a flood of guilt about their country. have been brought up with end educational system that tells them you are bad. you heard the world. islam is a religion of peace. your constitution should be changed. american constitution is an old documents. not really good. we have a generation coming who are ready to hand their country on a silver platter to whoever makes them feel more guilty. in 50 years we could have a chesney an america which means we could have a population of muslims in a certain stage or a certain area who might say you want to live under sharia? the federal government will say again against the law. then we went a separate state.
11:44 am
we will call our stage the islamist republic of michigan. if i say that people might laugh at me. it has happened in history many times. islam has done that in the philippines. there's a movement to the philippines. there are some islands totally controlled by muslims in the philippines. they killed christian teachers who come to the philippines. they arrested many of them and they want separate from the bigger philippines. it is not only in india and chechnya. it is europe and the philippines. is already happening in europe. in england they gave them sharia law. precip in some neighborhoods in france and england where the police said too scared to walk in. that is what i'm talking about.
11:45 am
we are splitting ourselves apart by giving a bloodline to a political system and ideology that is so destructive camouflaging as religion. >> thank you very much. >> i am a student at the masters college in california and an intern this semester. i recently took a feminist class through secular college. they talked about all sorts of interesting issues i noticed there was an empress of addressing any of the issues you talk about with sherry and the women's issues with the islamic ideology. i was just wondering if there is a way that we can make people more aware of that and fight back against the inconsistencies that i notice even in the modern
11:46 am
feminist american movement? >> great question. unfortunately modern feminist american movement doesn't want to touch the problem of islam and oppression of women. for many reasons. first of all it is too big for them. the problem is so big. it will divert attention of their main goal which is really the vegetable is the anti male, and i america leftist ideology more than a feminist problem. another thing -- the reason they're not touching it is there is no feminist movement in the middle east. who are they going to support? most of the muslim women professors on college campuses
11:47 am
were sent by saudi arabia to speak and they defense sherri and defend islam. there's a movement by former muslims but there is no feminist muslim movement. women who call themselves muslims are not standing up and that is what i was saying. i was looking for posters during the revolution that say we should have equal rights under the law. men should not be us. americans are not finding an ally. i have a whole chapter in my book talking about why we don't have a feminist movement in the muslim world. >> thank you. >> my pleasure.
11:48 am
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parts. >> the republican primary has caused mitt romney to move so far to the right he is off the board. you have ten candidates appearing in new hampshire. they have a question. the question is would you agree to $1 in taxes or $10 in cuts. anybody in the civilized world--maybe that excludes those candidates. would say of course i will give you $1 in taxes for ten dollars in cuts but not one hand went up. nobody. it was a well-kept secret but i ran for the republican nomination in 1996. i was in new hampshire. there were nine people. the question was how many of you
11:51 am
promise to abolish the department of education and eight hands sir sprang up instantaneously. ridiculous question. you can't abolish the department of education. so you have herman cain and michele bachman, one after another pushing mitt romney so far to the right. and senator santorum covering all the counties. played right into his strength with the evangelical right but as soon as the people of america found out about it like the people of pennsylvania, there he went. and mitt romney has changed so many times, mitt romney has
11:52 am
changed positions more often than a pornographic movie queen. [laughter] i am asked to my going to support in november? i say i am not senator arlen specter anymore. i am citizen arlen specter. i am not happy with president obama. this policy in afghanistan is absurd. i spoke out on the senate floor against 30,000 additional troops. we have no fight with the taliban. there are no al qaeda there. i was part of the delegation that visited president hamid karzai and he is not somebody you can do business with. you have the tax cut. obama extended it. i spoke out against it. it never have extended the tax cut for the rich in my opinion.
11:53 am
then you have the co chair by alan simpson on the deficit and national debt. doesn't pay any attention to that. how about mitt romney? which mitt romney is going to appear? which etch-a-sketch will we know? how will we reset. the answer to your question in my opinion is the primary process has moved the republican nominee so far to the right he is going to have to make a sharp u-turn. a persuasive one besides a sharp one. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> one of the things i remember because my office overlooked the building in the plaza was there was a day care center in the plaza. some of the children were killed and others injured but during their recess period they would play in the plaza and you would
11:54 am
hear their voices. that left lasting impression when they were silenced. my son was working in the social security office and her father was a good friend of mine and what i got home that morning i had three messages wanting to know what he could find out about his daughter and secondly -- and the third message was when he was crying. >> watch our local content vehicle's next stop, explore the history of literary culture of oklahoma city with special airings the weekend of may 5th and sixth on booktv. on americanhistory tv on c-span3. >> many of you might not have been born in 1973 and 4 when watergate took place but richard nixon won in one of the biggest
11:55 am
landslides in the united states history which meant most americans who voted that election voted for him. yet when fact came out suggesting that laws were violated the american people including the overwhelming majority who supported richard nixon said congress has to investigate and have a special prosecutor. the laws have to be enforced no matter what. in the end when the house judiciary committee acted on a bipartisan basis to vote for the impeachment of richard nixon the country overwhelmingly supported that verdict. what does that tell us? more important than any political party and more important than any president of the united states and more important than any single person and more important than any ideology was the bedrock principle of the rule of law and
11:56 am
the preservation of our constitution and americans united on that scene regardless how they had voted just about year-and-a-half before that. we are not talking angel history. people put behind them their own partisan views and said what is good for the country and the rule of law and one standard of law was critical. so i said that is a really important principle and i believe that too. and then we got the bush years. the accountability principles pretty much worked. i won't say they were perfect. it doesn't operate in a perfect for world. then we got to the bush years and things changed. i and my co-author, very nature area of expertise in this
11:57 am
country that ten of us had the experience of dealing with, terms of the constitution and impeachment proceedings that worked. the nixon impeachment proceedings. we wrote a book and we saw that there was no accountability through the impeachment process. so we said let's see what else can be done because the framers of the constitution -- it is clear in the debate that once the president leaves office, he or maybe she can be prosecuted. there was nothing in the framers's debate that says you have been president? free. you get forever free from jail card. nonsense. the framers understood that presidents could do very bad things. they were human. they created checks and balances because presidents could do bad things and congress could do bad
11:58 am
things. they were not idealistic about people. they were very practical and very pragmatic. so we said let's do this book about what kind of accountability can exist. and to are surprise as we began to look at what the criminal statutes were, what we saw was not just the possibility of accountability but that the george bush team was excruciatingly sensitive to the possibility of prosecution. and had tried to arrest barriers in a variety of ways including slicing and dicing and rewriting criminal laws to protect themselves from accountability. and to protect themselves specifically from criminal liability. >> you can watch this and other
11:59 am
programs online at here is a look at some new books being released this week. former secretary of state madeleine albright recounts her childhood in prop winter:personal story of remembrance in war 1937-1948. in still the best hope:what world needs american values to triumph nationally syndicated talk radio host dennis prager represents his thoughts on american values and the development of successful societies. investigative journalist andrew gumbel and roger charles recount the bombing of the alfred murrah federal building in oklahoma city on april 19th, 1995, and argue the investigation was mishandled in oklahoma city:what the investigation mist and why it still matters. in permanent emergency:about the tea s.a. and the fight for american


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